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Michael Hunter Photo

Michael Hunter

Position: Director

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Michael is a marketing graduate of Nottingham University. After graduating Michael worked with Stanton in sales and marketing positions. He returned to Northern Ireland in 1992 having spent several years in England in Ductile Iron pipe and fittings marketing and product development roles.  


Martin Carmichael Photo

Martin Carmichael

Position: Director

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Martin joined APP in 2005 and is responsible for business development, management and growth. A graduate in business of Caledonian University, Martin has worked for a number of industry leading companies during the last 25 years and has been involved in the manufacturing and supply of PE Pipes, Valves, Ductile pipes and training services.

Brian Foy Photo

Brian Foy

Position: Director

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Brian is an engineering graduate of Queens University Belfast. After graduating Brian spent 4 years in South Africa in engineering and commercial roles. Returning to Northern Ireland he worked for several leading companies supplying materials into the NI water market.

Ronan O’Doherty Photo

Ronan O’Doherty

Position: Business Development Manager

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David Curry Photo

David Curry

Position: Sales Office Manager

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Craig Adams Photo

Craig Adams

Position: Sales Manager

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Bryce Hetherington Photo

Bryce Hetherington

Position: Sales Co-ordinator

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Fraser Ramsay Photo

Fraser Ramsay

Position: Sales & Hire Co-ordinator

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Cheryl Montgomery Photo

Cheryl Montgomery

Position: Accounts Co-ordinator

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Lorraine Hunt Photo

Lorraine Hunt

Position: Administrator

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Steven Tucker Photo

Steven Tucker

Position: Hire Supervisor

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Stephen Stewart Photo

Stephen Stewart

Position: Warehouse Operative

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Conor O’Brien Photo

Conor O’Brien

Position: Warehouse Supervisor

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Vincent O’Brien Photo

Vincent O’Brien

Position: Warehouse Operative

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Stephen McClea Photo

Stephen McClea

Position: Warehouse Operative

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Brian Jamieson Photo

Brian Jamieson

Position: Driver

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Roy Robinson Photo

Roy Robinson

Position: Driver

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Jane Harris Photo

Jane Harris

Position: Accounts Assistant

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Emma Greer Photo

Emma Greer

Position: Accounts Assistant

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Aaron Tohill Photo

Aaron Tohill

Position: General Manager

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Curtis McFarland Photo

Curtis McFarland


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